Preschoolers (Three to Five Years)*


Preschoolers are all potty trained and ready to conquer the world! Classrooms are overflowing with challenging toys and equipment that offer a stimulating, colorful environment.


This is the setting for fun and learning where TLE children can be independent and exercise a variety of personal, social and emotional skills.


We also encourage problem solving, cognitive as well as symbolic thinking, math concepts and logistics. Blocks and other mathematical manipulatives promote planning, problem solving, concepts of physics and creative thinking.


Art projects promote creativity and self-expression while music instructs our preschoolers in learning musical concepts through songs, games, hymns, rhythm, instruments and group ensembles. Dance and movement promote physical fitness and coordination.


Literacy, language arts and self-expression are encouraged at this stage and age. Our preschoolers are introduced to Fun With Phonics®, an early reading program. TLE preschoolers receive L.E.A.P. ® (Learning Experience Academic Program®) workbooks each month which they use daily to learn reading and writing readiness and shape/letter/color recognition.


TLE preschoolers have opportunities to help make sense of their experiences and develop an understanding as to who they are while learning to care about others.









In short, their days are packed with simply
all the good stuff they need in preparation
for Kindergarten and life itself.









  • Preschooler Area
  • Practices & Procedures
  • Daily Schedules
  • Lunch Program


At this stage, children are very curious and eager to discover and master new skills.


Our Preschool program is broken up into three completely separate classes according to chronological age and developmental stage.


We believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn; therefore, we have created an innovative and exciting Preschool curriculum.


We call our proprietary curriculum L.E.A.P.® (Learning Experience Academic Program®). Conceived and written by our own Curriculum Department at our Corporate Headquarters, LEAP® provides Preschool teachers with a comprehensive monthly curriculum.














L.E.A.P.® includes semimonthly journals for each student.


These journals have been created to teach a variety of concepts including math, reading and writing readiness. Each child's journal is proudly taken home after completion for parents to share in all that has been learned.


The journals are a wonderful tool for you to understand what your child is learning each month.


L.E.A.P.® encourages each child to achieve success independently while developing intellectually, socially and physically.

















Here's how Preschoolers spend their day:



Parents are further kept in the loop through teacher parent correspondence called the Preschool Press which is distributed weekly.









The Learning Experience® (TLE) serves both morning and afternoon snacks that are nutritious and "child friendly". Snacks are prepared in a licensed and approved on site kitchen facility.


When lunch is provided, it is prepared by a licensed cook from menus approved by a registered dietician.


TLE is sensitive to dietary needs of our multi-cultural society. Parents are asked to indicate upon enrollment if there are any food restrictions and or food allergies that apply to their children. The center complies with all local health ordinances, inspections and state recommended guidelines regarding children's nutrition.


A cook is hired to prepare lunch when the center's enrollment has reached 75 children eating table food. New centers may not offer lunch programs upon opening. In that case, parents send in home-made lunches. Refrigeration is provided if needed.